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Setup PPPOE net connection on linux step by step

  1. Turn on the Terminal. (shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+T)
  2. Type “sudo pppoeconf”. (use “sudo” for LinuxMint,Ubuntu,etc & “yum” for CentOS)
  3. Type your admin user password. You will not see any password while typing it on the terminal. Don’t worry. It’s normal in the terminal.
  4. Follow the instractions & select “yes” all the time.
  5. When username required type the username which one your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave you.
  6. After typing the username you will be asked for password. This time type the password which one your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave you. (If you don’t remember your username or password than contact with your ISP.)
  7. Network icon on the taskbar may show you network is disconnected or there is no network. Don’t worry about it. For confirmation type “ping –c 10” on the terminal, If you see data is receiving than your net connection is established. Or you can browse internet on your internet browser.
  8. When you done all of this steps close the terminal.
  9. Now enjoy your internet.

Setup PPPOE net connection on windows step by step

  1. Go to the Start menu.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. If icons are Categorized than select Large icons.
  4. Go to Network and Sharing Center.
  5. Select Set up new connection or network.
  6. Select Connect to the internet and click Next.
  7. Select Broadband (PPPoE).
  8. Type your username & password (which one your ISP gave you).
  9. You can replace Broadband Connection name with your ISP name. (it’s optional)
  10. Fill up the check box & radio button as instruction. (it’s optional).
  11. Now enjoy your internet.