select multiple items with the mouse

Suppose you want to copy/cut/move/delete multiple items and your keyboard is not working or you don’t have a keyboard or your “Ctrl” key doesn’t work well or you just like to use a mouse instead of a keyboard. Whatever your cause is there is a simple alternative for  “Ctrl” key.

Follow this steps (Windows OS only):

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Select “Folder options“.
  3. Now a pop-up window will come and go to “View” tab.
  4. Check “Use check boxes to select items“.
  5. Now select “Ok“.
  6. We are Done.

From now on whenever you go any drive/folder checkbox will appear all the time and you can select multiple items with the mouse.


Cleanup your PC without installing any extra software


Often we use many kinds of software to clean our PC. But more software we install on our PC it would create more presser on the OS. So there is a simple solution for Windows OS user. Follow this steps –

  1. Click “Win(super key)+R“.
  2. A pop-up window will appear named “Run“. Wright “cleanmgr” in that Run window.
  3. Now a pop-up window will come named “Disk Cleanup : Drive Selection“. Select your system drive (by default C drive is the system drive for Windows OS) and click “Ok“.
  4. Now your system will check for cleanable files on your selected drive, it may take a while.
  5. After checking a pop-up window named “Disk cleanup for (C:)” will appear. Check those items you want to clean. If doesn’t understand than just click “Ok” then “Delete Folders”.
  6. Now your disk will clean up automatically within few minutes.
  7. Done.


Prevent losing documents & increase space of your C drive

When Windows crash we often lost our important data in the process of OS setup, especially those who don’t use cloud backup. There is an easy solution for that. Save your documents in “Documents” folder. Then follow this steps.

  1. Go to “My computer
  2. Right click on “Documents” folder and select properties
  3. Now select “Location
  4. Wright “D:\Documents” instead of “C:\Users\your computer user name\Documents
  5. Press “Ok
  6. The pop-up window may come twice. Press Ok each time.

We are done.From now on your, all document from “Documents” folder will be saved in D drive. And it will also save and increase space of your C drive.